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  “Writing for the Screen”, Conference of Consortium of Ivy League and Affiliated Writing Programs, Wesleyan University,  January 2005.

“57 Channels and Nothin’ On: Learning Objects at Wesleyan and beyond”, National Institute of Technology and Liberal Education Conference, Chicago, October 2004

“Learning Objects and Liberal Education”, Nercomp Learning Object SIG, Smith College, October 2004 .

“Wesleyan’s Academic Technology Roundtable”, Nercomp Community of Practice SIG, Western Connecticut State University, October 2004.

“Learning Object Workshop: A four-day, hands-on development workshop” (with Suzanne McGinnis), Associated Colleges of the South Technology Center, Southwester University, Georgetown, Texas June 2005 .

“Introducing LoLa: A learning object repository”, Nercomp Annual Conference, Wooster, MA, March 2004 .

“Learning Objects and Liberal Education: Complementary or Orthogonal?", Keynote Address, Hofstra University Learning Resources Day, March 2004 .

“LoLa: Learning Objects, Learning Activities”, Coalition for Networked Information, Portland, OR , December 2003.

"Learning Objects: The new, new thing, or same as it ever was?", CLAC, Hope College, June 2002.

“Seven Ways of Looking at a Blackboard”, American Association of College Registrars and Admissions Officers Annual Meeting, Seattle, April 2001

“Webcentricity and the liberal arts”, Mellon Conference on Technology and the liberal arts, Mt. Holyoke College, Spring 2001.

"Is Linking Thinking? Addressing Scholarly Hypermedia", Educause, Long Beach, CA, October 1999

"Instructional Management Systems: What They Are and What They Are Good For", Nercomp Instructional Services SIG, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT August 1999

"Project CuRL: A Curricular Resource Library", New England Computing Program (NERCOMP) Annual Conference, Sturbridge, MA, March 1999.

"New Models and Paradigms for Curriculum Support" , Educomm Annual Conference, Orlando, Florida, October 1998.

"The Importance of Being Collaborative", Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges (CLAC) Annual conference, San Antonio, Texas, June 1998.

"Prospects and Problems in Humanities Computing", DAGS '95, Boston, MA, June 1995.

"The Societal Roots of Creativity: A Prototype of Multimedia Art History Scholarship" (with Suzanne Preston Blier), Computers in the Humanities User Group, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island February 1994

"Computer-assisted Research in the Humanities: American Cultural History and the Black Periodical Literature Project", annual meeting of St. George Tucker Society, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, June 1994.




  “The Open-Source Bazaar Makes Scholarship Available”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 9/24/2004 .

“Making Visible the Invisible Hand of Liberal Education” , Wesleyan Strategic Planning Website, December 2003.

“The Ecology of Computing Services” in EduTech Newsletter, September 2000.

"How to do Things Without Words: Multimedia as a Platform for Social Change", in Technology, Culture, Interpretation: the Challenge of Multimedia., edited by Ed Barrett, MIT Press, 1995.

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"Resources for African and African-American Studies in the Metropolitan Boston Area" (with Kelly Stupple and Erika Dilday) in The Great Migration , edited by Stone Wieski, 1994.

"Ethics and Aesthetics", Edinburgh (U.K.) Journal of Philosophy, Winter,1988.

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