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Academic Commons
Academic Commons is a web community of faculty, technologists, and librarians to critically examine the relationships between technology, disciplinary education, and liberal arts eduction, to document innovations, and to foster and enable collaboration. Launches Winter 2005.


Information Literacy Modules
As part of a collaborative Mellon-funded grant, we are building Information Literacy Modules that will be stored with LoLa (see below.)
LoLa, which stands for Learning Objects, Learning Activities, is a learning object referatory that stores metadata about learning objects developed for use in liberal arts education. We are in the process of building editorial workflow and discipline-based collections into the system, as well as exporting LoLa's holdings into an OAI (open archive initiative) server to interact with OCLC's WorldCat, Merlot, and other national and international repositories. A complete development plan is at .


Department Library Initiative
The goal of the Department Collections project is to create a tool for academic and administrative departments at Wesleyan to allow them to manage and make visible to the Wesleyan community library resources that they have within their departments.


Academic Computing Services Roadmap
The ACS Roadmap provides a vehicle for us to share our plans both internally within Information Technology Services, and to the broader Wesleyan community. It also provides an opportunity to think strategically about the future of our services.


Learning Objects Project Management
We are re-engineering how we approach learning object development with a goal of separating the process into six quite distinct phases -- specification, design, production, testing, metadata creation, use & assessement -- and the creation of a new role of project manager for each project.
Learning Object Assessment
We are creating 'recipes' for deploying a variety of assessment and evaluation tools within the lifecycle of all of our learning object projects, including usage statistics, surveys, focus groups, and the creation of assignments that can be linked to the learning objective of the learning object.


Information Commons
Planning Site
The Library, ITS, and the newly formed Office of Student Academic Resources have begun preliminary planning for the construction of an Information Commons in the main reference area of Olin Library.


Academic Web Architecture
Academic Web Architecture asks the question: how should our network resources be organized to allow for our faculty and students to do their academic work?


Scholarly Communications
Changes in technology and the business of scholarly publishing mean that even small schools need to develop a strategy for how to manage scholarly communications on campus. We've started a project to think about the appropriate strategy for Wesleyan to pursue.


Faculty Development Workshop
We are exploring developing a workshop after Finals and before Commencement that would provide an opportunity for faculty to collaborate with technologists, librarians, and the Faculty Career Development Center.


Arts Teaching Spaces
As part of an initiative to ensure that the Arts faculty have access to appropriate technologies, we are moving our Arts Media Lab to Building L and creating next to it a Studio Classroom.


Ethnography of Student Learning
As part of our planning for the creation of the Information Commons, we are planning to do ethnographic research on the information gathering and usage habits of Wesleyan undergraduates.


ITS Posters
As a means of documenting the history of ITS projects, and to share some of our successes with our partners, we are creating posters to put in our hallways and to give to our partners.




Teaching Matters
Every summer we update this guide to teaching at Wesleyan and distribute it to the incoming faculty. Organized around the various phases of preparing and teaching a course, it provides pointers both to local and logistical resources, and general guidance on how to approach undergraduate instruction.


Academic Technology Roundtable
This weekly lunchtime series, held since 1998, provides a forum for exploring a wide range of academic topics, helping to inform all members of the library, ITS, and the faculty about developments in their respective fields.


Enterprise Blackboard
We've been running blackboard for years. We  'upgraded' to the enterprise edition in 2003 (integrating with Blackboard)  and implementing the EDU quizzing plugin. Now we are considering the Content Management issues that are coming up, and considering adding that module to our installation.
WebTech Program
The WebTech Program pairs ITS-trained undergraduates with Wesleyan faculty with the goal of helping faculty adopt appropriate technologies in their instruction with the support of students who are knowledgeable both about technology and the academic discipline that they are supporting.


CuRL stands for Curricular Resource Library. Project cURL is an experiment in using the web for collaboration. It is an on-line resource for faculty and librarians, allowing them to share information, and create more usable web resources for use in college-level courses.
Beginning in 1999, Wesleyan has been renovating its 85+ classrooms, installing technology and building a support organization to allow students and faculty to incorporate a wide range of media into their classroom experiences.


Learning Objects
A grant-funded initiative to develop high-quality, re-usable interactive media for use in the Wesleyan curriculum and beyond.


Classified Ads
A fun, small project to allow the Wesleyan community to buy and sell stuff over the web.


Usability Lab
An effort to integrate state-of-the-practice usability services into our web development methods.


Academic Department Websites
A multi-year initiative to leverage our University databases to improve the accuracy of information on Academic Department websites, and to standardize without homogenizing the format of these sites.



We want to organize a project for improving access to maps (both digital and analog) on campus and on the web.
Wesleyan Blog
We will be installing Moveable Type in the spring so that Wesleyan can start blogging.



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