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Next steps for LoLa

1. Special Collections

We are in the process of planning for a set of discipline-specific collections within LoLa. Our intial ideas for these collections include:

  • Information Literacy
  • Music
  • GIS



2. Editorial process

We are working to create an editorial board and an editorial review process to evaluate learning objects that are submitted to LoLa. We are looking for volunteers interested in participating in this process. 

workflow diagram

3. Visibility within Merlot and OCLC

We are creating automated methods for allowing data to flow from LoLa to an OAI server which in turn can be harvested by OCLC  for inclusion in WorldCat or searched (via federated search) by Merlot.


4. Catalog of Learning Object Repositories

As part of Merlot's Federated Search strategy (see above), we are working with Merlot to create a definitive list of all learning object repositories. This catalog will be maintained within the Merlot system.

5. Evaluation Tools

From within LoLa, faculty will be able to

  1. track usage of their learning objects
  2. deploy surveys of students and faculty using their learning objects
  3. create focus group protocols for their learning objects

see for more information

6. Works-in-progress  (via Academic Commons)

As part of the Academic Commons project ( , we will create a directory of various works-in-progress and calls for collaboration that will include (but not be limited to) learning object projects.


7. Documentation/analysis (via Academic Commons)

While LoLa provides a mechanism for capturing certain types of metadata that can describe how a particular learning object was used in a particular instructional setting, within the Academic Commons we will provide other formats for exploring the relationships between a particular technology, practical educational objectives, and the often considered more illusory 'liberal arts outcomes'