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Seven Concrete Things You Could Do

1. Join the learning object mailing list hosted by Academic Commons. 

2. Join the LoLa mailing list (by signing up for a LoLa account)

3. Encourage Learning Object developers on your campuses to add their materials to LoLa, to record their works-in-progress in the Academic Commons, to look for collaborators via the Collaboration Exchange, to submit stories, posters, and vignettes for inclusion within the commons.

4. Participate in the creation of the Catalog of Learning Object Repositories .

5. Help create a sustainable editorial process to evaluate materials submitted.

6. Alert those on your campus involved in Information Literacy of the growing collection of Information Literacy modules that will be accumulating within LoLa.

7. Read my (didactic) article about what you can do (depending on who you are) to encourage open learning object development