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What is a learning object?

David Wiley ( ) defines a learning object as “any digital resource that can be reused to support learning”

Larry Johnson from the NMC ( defines a learning object as “ any grouping of materials that is structured in a meaningful way and is tied to an educational objective”.

Example: Body Wall Formation in the Chick Embryo

One of our first learning objects, this project (and the framework for it) help to explain the ways in which this approach to providing access to learning material allows students to interact with materials in ways that 'normal' print methods simply will not afford. (It is also a clue into the future ways in which LoLa will present metadata about such materials.)

A complete list of the materials can be found at .

Other examples can be found at:

and (of course) at .

It might also be a good thing to read more at the NMC Learning Object Website at .

Bryan Alexander heads a nifty blog on instructional technology at which often touches on Learning Objects.